For all those people that like shaving their double coated dogs:

While I was getting Monty’s shots at my vet today, a senior rough Collie was rushed in. He was clearly recently shaven, suffering from a heatstroke, and had MULTIPLE skin sores caused from infected cuts left behind from the razor he was shaven with. He died shortly after he came in. This is the vet I work with, so I was able to sneak a peek at his case file; the dog was in perfect health when he came in for his annual shots two weeks ago. The vet made it pretty clear that had the dog not been shaven he would never have suffered a heatstroke.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but your dog’s double coat insulates them from the sun and heat. Shaving them takes away this protection. It doesn’t make them cooler, it makes them hotter. If you can’t handle the shedding, that’s your problem; you were the one that got the dog, so it is your responsibility to do what’s best for their health. 

Poor thing. I wonder if they could have saved him had he been younger or if it was just that bad.

Please keep these things in mind this summer if you have a double-coated dog. There are many alternatives to shaving down to the skin. Do some research into grooming tips and tools, and look into other ways to keep your dogs cool in the hot weather. Always bring fresh water with you on walks! Something as simple as a lifted, mesh bed is perfect for allowing air circulation around the entire body. There are even chillows (pillows that stay cool) for dogs!

It’s not talked about as much but this can apply to your cats as well, especially with them being hardcore sun-bathers. They will also benefit from grooming and many of the products technically made for dogs, such as chillows and lifted mesh beds. Trust me, cutting or shaving hair just reduces the length of the piece of fur you pull out of your mouth or eyes; it doesn’t make them shed less, and it can be very harmful to them. Their health matters more than your black jacket…buy a lint roller.



ok here’s something for you to do listen carefully

play this video but mute it

and then

open this one up but DO NOT have it muted

then play both videos and watch and feel emotions you’ve never felt before


also this one from today (credit)



Can I come home with you?

Binturongs are super cute. They smell like popcorn, apparently. 

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i love how many things we put on our face for skin health

like who the hell figured out mixing strawberries and kiwis and then smashing them onto your face helped out??? were they a messy smoothie eater who had great skin? whats the deal, man



UNUSUAL HOARD commission for cutter of their dragon OC !!


2012年6月3日の空-07 (by Tetsuo Nakamura)



Capybara ferries a turtle

I have a new favorite tumblr.


I cannot even believe I found this massive transparent otter.

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